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I wont be taking any more confessions until im done with the current confessions. askbox is closed. If u send any through fanmail (from this point on) it will be deleted.

More about that seiyuu event!


Just realized I never regaled everyone with the hilarious happenings of the stage event on Sunday :3 Here’s a super brief rundown of the best stuff:

—Furuya again played the whole “I’m not Furuya Tohru, I just look like him. I’m in fact a brand new seiyuu and this is my first job ever.” Still not old yet XD
—He made comments about his experience with the Trifecta movie, saying that being in SH “broadened his horizons”, which the entire audience of course took in a dirty way, so he scrambled to correct himself when he realized what it sounded like XD;
—FURUYA CALLED OUT NAKAMURA’S YAOI HANDS AND YAOI SHOULDERS. Yokozawa has some bad yaoi shoulders in the scene where he meets Hiyo, and Furuya commented about it (about how Yokozawa had this tiny head and these HUGE shoulders) to everyone’s amusement XD though he quickly followed it up with, “But I don’t think it’s a bad thing! I think it makes him look cool!” Suuuuuuuure you do. Or maybe you’re just saying that to make sure Kirishima stays on top.
—Furuya has seen the movie three times (in secret XD)
—He’s also read all five novels now and explained that he knows all about what’s coming up next and really wants to see more of them in action (YES. PLEASE. GOD YES. MORE MOVIES).
—GOD but he and Horiuchi are seriously like Japanese Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, I s2g. So much flirting and fuckery onstage, and they took turns trying to embarrass each other by reciting random lines (Horiuchi mostly found it really embarrassing because he at one point was asked to recite his most memorable line, which was the heartfelt confession scene on the balcony, and while he said he was fine saying the lines, standing there staring directly into Furuya’s eyes while he did it was a little much XD).
—They gave away a toooon of presents, though the one I wanted most was an autographed script *_____* Alas, I have shit luck when it comes to lottery drawings XD;
—Furuya was dressed like someone 20 years his junior. SUCH A TRYHARD XD

I’ll amend this/reblog it if I think of some more stuff!

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[manga] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ~ Onodera Ritsu no Baai ch. 18 ⇢

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Song: 優しい軌跡
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